Basic Notary/Affidavit Fee$25.00 / $10.00 for each Affidavit after first.
Customized Affidavits$50.00 (base price)
Adult Adoption$150.00 + recordation fee
Power of Attorney$150.00 (durable, general)
Healthcare Power of Attorney$75.00
Financial Power of Attorney$75.00
Living Wills$35.00
Revocation of Power of Attorney$50.00
Provisional Custody by Mandate$50.00
Bill of Sale (Movable)$40.00
Act of Donation (Movable) $50.00
Affidavit of Small Succession$400.00 (base) + recordation fees
Act of Cash Sale (Immovable)$250.00 + recordation fees
Act of Donation (Immovable) 250.00 + recordation fees
Transfers w/Promissory Note$300.00 + recordation fees

Please contact our office for additional services not listed above.