A Civil Law Notary is unique!  She has extensive training and the authority from the State of Louisiana to prepare and authenticate certain legal documents.  In fact, a Civil Law Notary is a highly trained Public Official.  To the contrary, throughout the remainder of the United States, common law notaries generally provide ministerial acts only and they have a strictly limited role in preparing legal documents.

However, Louisiana’s Civil Law System requires that a Notary Public (not an attorney!) pass (execute) most of our legal documents.  For example, a properly signed contract executed before a Civil Law Notary and witnesses is considered an “authentic act” and thus, deemed to be self-proving of its contents.  Thus, a non-attorney notary must demonstrate a proficiency in certain legal/juridical documents by passing an examination administered by the Louisiana courts.  While an attorney may be exempt from the notarial exam to obtain the Notary Public Commission, attorneys who do not hold a Notary Public Commission may not pass notarial acts.

Both Christie Tournet and Christina Williams have taken the statewide examination and received their respective Notary Public Commissions by the State of Louisiana.  Both members also have comprehensive legal and real estate backgrounds enabling the Cypress Notaries to provide a cost-effective and more convenient alternative for Northshore residents requiring certain legal document preparation.